• 23rd February 2019
    Lawyers‘ Ball 2019

    The Lawyers‘ Ball is already for many years the pinnacle of the social season for the lawyer community,

    Whose history reaches back to March of the year 1870, when the first Lawyers‘ Ball of the Czech Lawyer Association Všehrd was held.

    The Lawyers‘ Ball is traditionally a place of meeting for the foremost persons of the Czech advocacy, the judicial system, the academic community, as well as government officials and representatives of large corporations.

  • 23rd of February 2019
    Enjoy yourselves

    As in the previous years, also this year you will be met with a rich cultural programme.

    In each of the spectacular halls of the Municipal House you may enjoy live music performances of various genres intended for dance as well as listening.

  • 10th of December 2018
    Ticket sales

    A rich programme in three halls and a further accompanying one in all floors of the Municipal House.

    A unique experience, extraordinary event and unforgettable evening.

    The ticket sale will start on the 10th of December 2018.

Event information

Lawyers‘ Ball 2019

The Lawyers‘ Ball of the Czech Lawyer Association Všehrd is traditionally the pinnacle event of the year for the lawyer community as well as the public. This event has always been a remarkable place, at which the foremost persons of the Czech advocacy, the judicial system, legal bar associations, academic community and public life have met. The Lawyers’ Ball began its tradition already on the 14th March 1870 and since then observes the fate of the Association and the Czech national history. Although the tradition of the Lawyers’ Ball has been interrupted on several occasions, it never ceased to exist, which makes it entirely unique and rare among such events.

The Lawyers‘ Ball has in the previous years become the largest ball held in Prague. Within the previous years, the sold-out Municipal house has hosted a wide range of known artists, among whom it is possible to name for example Lenka Filipová, Jan Ledecký, Ladislav Kerndl, Jan Smigmator, the Big Band of Felix Slováček, the West-bohemian orchestra from Marienbad, Iva Frühling.

This year’s installment of the ball will traditionally be held in collaboration with the Law Faculty of the Charles University. This ties in with the beneficial element of this event. We have donated the profits from each previous ball to the Law Faculty for the repair of the legendary elevator, the paternoster. The profits from the next ball will be donated for further development of the interior of the building of the Law Faculty of the Charles University, which should be determined by architectural competition.

The importance of the event is also emphasised by the conferment of patronage by the chairman of the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic, Pavel Rychetský.

Thanks to the support of our partners, sponsors, the hard work of the members of the Association and the support of the Law Faculty, we are able to keep the Lawyers’ Ball among the most significant cultural events in Prague and we are very glad that we are also able to carry this legacy in the next year.


Enjoy yourselves

As part of the Lawyers‘ Ball we have prepared a rich cultural programme for you in three halls.

The programme in the Smetana Hall will be initiated by the West-bohemian orchestra from Marienbad, which is the oldest body of such type on our territory. The second part of the evening in the main hall will belong to the Karel Vlach Orchester. Singers such as Jan Smigmátor, Dasha or Martin Chodúr will sing together, reminiscing, among others, the music of the famous Sinatrology.

In the remaining halls, the electro-pop band Mydy Rabycad or alternative-pop band Voila will perform, for example. After midnight the floor will traditionally belong to the DJs and Cymbal music Denár from Znojmo.

The moderator for the evening will be the legendary Alexander Hemala.


How to purchase a ticket?


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